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August 14, 2023

Should You Rent Or Buy A Shipping Container?

A shipping container is a smart solution for individuals or companies that need more storage space, an inexpensive and mobile workspace, or who are interested in a low-cost structure that can be converted into any number of uses. There are a lot of benefits to shipping containers. They are affordable, eco-friendly, easily movable, customizable, and, of course, functional. Ironclad Containers offers shipping containers for rent and for sale. For a new customer, they may not yet know whether renting a shipping container or buying a shipping container is the better option for their needs, budget, and requirements. In this article, we outline what it’s like to rent or buy a shipping container, offering an honest comparison between both options. How Will You Use Your Shipping Container? When making the decision should you rent or buy a shipping container, you first need to better understand whether a rental or purchase is […]
July 26, 2023

How Many Times Are Shipping Containers Used?

Shipping containers are high-quality, reliable, and reusable. Many companies will reuse their shipping containers for years and without failure. Even after their regular use is over, companies will buy other companies’ shipping containers and repurpose them for a wide variety of commercial and residential needs. New shipping containers are used for an average of 8-12 years. They are used extensively by shipping companies during that time and then, are sold off to third parties. The reason why shipping containers are removed from circulation is often because of the maintenance required to ensure a container meets international shipping standards. There are strict laws on how shipping containers are to be built and maintained, and due to the costs involved, buying new while recouping costs during the sale of used shipping containers is an optimal move a lot of companies make. In this article, we look at how many times shipping containers […]
June 28, 2023

What Are Shipping Containers Used For

What Are Shipping Containers Used For? Looking at a shipping container, uses you may be able to come up with are reserved strictly for business. They’re a way for businesses to transport products, especially large items such as vehicles, overseas and across long distances. Shipping containers are perfect for a lot of businesses. They’re built well. They’re durable and versatile. They also come in different sizes and designs. Selecting the right shipping container is sure to keep your merchandise, vehicle, or personal belongings safe and secure. The more one looks into what are shipping containers used for, they will discover a number of common and uncommon uses. Shipping Containers Facilitate Fast, Secure Global Shipping Multi-million dollar retailers and corporations need cost-effective global shipping solutions and shipping containers offer that. Built from durable steel that can withstand even the most violent of climate and weather conditions, shipping containers can also be […]
December 14, 2022

Sea Containers For Sale & Rent – Ironclad Containers

Sea Containers For Sale & Rent Sea containers, also known as shipping containers, are large metal boxes that are typically used to transport goods over long distances. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as steel or aluminium, and come in different sizes and types depending on their intended use. The different types of sea containers include dry freight containers, refrigerated containers, flat rack containers, open-top containers, and others. Each type is designed for a specific purpose, such as to transport temperature-controlled goods or bulky materials that require additional support. New and Used Sea Containers Buying a new or used shipping container is often the best choice for businesses and individuals looking to store large amounts of cargo or find an affordable housing solution. New containers are typically more expensive but have the benefit of being in good condition with minimal signs of wear and tear. Used […]
September 14, 2022

Is Building a Shipping Container Home a Trend?

Shipping container homes are indeed emerging as mainstream options for housing.  The reasons for this trend are several: They are versatile – a great starting point for a custom home design. They are durable. They are pre-fabricated and structurally sound. They can satisfy environmental issues and needs. They are an affordable starting point to create something amazing to live in. In these times of ever-increasing real estate and living costs, individuals and families alike are searching for alternatives to traditional dwellings.  Shipping container homes offer an innovative alternative.  Let’s delve a little deeper into this fascinating world of repurpose – where workhorse containers are transformed into beautiful, usable living space and shelter. Shipping Container Engineering and Architecture Consider the original purpose of a shipping container.  They are specifically designed to hold cargo in a watertight condition; they have to be strong, durable, and long-lasting.  They have to be of a […]
November 19, 2021

The Global Supply Chain Will Never Be The Same

COVID-19 has infected over 100 million people to date. Unfortunately, 2 million souls have already been lost. The modern world is interconnected at a level unlike anything seen in history. For that reason, the global pandemic has impacted all industries and markets in an unprecedented way. Taking a look at the global supply chain reveals a myriad of gaps, problems, downfalls, and challenges that COVID-19 has delivered. Can the global supply chain restore itself? Will things ever go back to normal? The new trend suggests that there is a new normal that will emerge from this crisis. Things will never go back to the way they were and here’s why. COVID-19 Related Disruptions In Worldwide Shipping WHO Policies of Containment and Suppression Slowing down the spread of the virus is of great concern to governmental bodies around the world. For this reason, the World Health Organization has set certain containment […]