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Looking to purchase a Storage Container, rent or even build a custom container home? We’ve got the top products, the best ideas and the most seamless transitions from a regular home to a container mansion of your dreams. And for those looking for some interior design options within their container home, we’ve got some super exciting choices to browse through. We go above and beyond to create the most enjoyable experience and bring you the latest news. Hop on the adventure to discover the supreme world of shipping containers!”

May 1, 2024

How to Pack a Shipping Container?

Packing a Shipping Container for a Long Distance Move: Essential Tips and Strategies Relocating to a new place can be exciting, but the thought of moving your household belongings over a long distance can be daunting. Using a shipping container is a practical solution for such moves, offering ample space and security for your items. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to pack a shipping container efficiently and ensure your possessions arrive safely at their destination. 1. Choose the Right Size Container First, determine the size of the container you need. Shipping containers typically come in two sizes: 20-foot and 40-foot. A 20-foot container can hold the contents of a two- to three-bedroom house, while a 40-foot container is suitable for a four- to five-bedroom house. Assess your needs based on the volume of your belongings. 2. Gather Quality Packing Materials Before you begin packing, stock up on quality packing […]
October 20, 2023

9 Signs You Need A New Shipping Container

Do I Need A New Shipping Container? High-quality, premium-grade shipping containers, unfortunately, do not last forever. Eventually, they need to be replaced, and knowing when you need a new shipping container can help you minimize the risk to the contents you keep inside. As experts in renting and buying shipping containers, Ironclad Containers is proud to offer durable, trustworthy services to all of our clients, helping them find the best container for their needs and budget. When you need to buy a new shipping container and/or are starting to see the signs, give us a call! Here are a few of the signs that you may need a new shipping container, diving into everything from container lifespan to ways in which damage affects performance. If Your Shipping Container Is Old A shipping container, at best, will last roughly 20-25 years before it needs to be sold and recycled. If you’re […]
August 14, 2023

Should You Rent Or Buy A Shipping Container?

A shipping container is a smart solution for individuals or companies that need more storage space, an inexpensive and mobile workspace, or who are interested in a low-cost structure that can be converted into any number of uses. There are a lot of benefits to shipping containers. They are affordable, eco-friendly, easily movable, customizable, and, of course, functional. Ironclad Containers offers shipping containers for rent and for sale. For a new customer, they may not yet know whether renting a shipping container or buying a shipping container is the better option for their needs, budget, and requirements. In this article, we outline what it’s like to rent or buy a shipping container, offering an honest comparison between both options. How Will You Use Your Shipping Container? When making the decision should you buy or rent a shipping container, you first need to better understand whether a rental or purchase is […]