What Are Shipping Containers Used For

Sea Containers For Sale & Rent – Ironclad Containers
December 14, 2022
How Many Times Are Shipping Containers Used - IronClad Containers
How Many Times Are Shipping Containers Used?
July 26, 2023
Sea Containers For Sale & Rent – Ironclad Containers
December 14, 2022
How Many Times Are Shipping Containers Used - IronClad Containers
How Many Times Are Shipping Containers Used?
July 26, 2023
What Are Shipping Containers Used For - Unique Home

What Are Shipping Containers Used For - Unique Home

What Are Shipping Containers Used For?

Looking at a shipping container, uses you may be able to come up with are reserved strictly for business. They’re a way for businesses to transport products, especially large items such as vehicles, overseas and across long distances.

Shipping containers are perfect for a lot of businesses. They’re built well. They’re durable and versatile. They also come in different sizes and designs. Selecting the right shipping container is sure to keep your merchandise, vehicle, or personal belongings safe and secure.

The more one looks into what are shipping containers used for, they will discover a number of common and uncommon uses.

Shipping Containers Facilitate Fast, Secure Global Shipping

Multi-million dollar retailers and corporations need cost-effective global shipping solutions and shipping containers offer that.

Built from durable steel that can withstand even the most violent of climate and weather conditions, shipping containers can also be carried by boat, plane, or truck. They can be subsequently equipped with additional elements, such as dehumidifiers, to protect products they’re transporting.

The most common products used and new shipping containers are used for are those that are bulky or heavy, usually organized by pallets.

Shipping Containers Can Be Fridges & Freezers For Food Transportation

As mentioned, shipping containers can be customized in a number of ways, including refrigeration elements that effectively turn them into fridges and freezers.

They can and do transport food and beverages very easily. This can be very advantageous for food and beverage businesses that are manufacturing and transporting products over long distances, such as crossing oceans or having to go through multiple countries at times prior to arriving at their destination.

The fridges and freezers built in shipping containers can also be used for transporting pharmaceuticals, medicines, and chemicals that need to be kept within a certain temperature range for safety.

Shipping Containers Used For Storage

Shipping Containers Used For Storage

Shipping Containers Are Sometimes Used Warehouse-Style For Storage

Shipping containers are often geared towards buyers who are going to use them for shipping and transportation, however, the containers are built in a way that they can also offer fairly decent storage.

If you’re a small business that does not have a storage warehouse, you may not need one. A storage container can act as mobile storage that allows you to safely keep inventory in anticipation of sales. Especially with the pandemic-led rise in eCommerce and the backing away of some businesses going into brick-and-mortar storefronts, shipping containers for storage is a simple and cheap choice to make to keep product ready to ship out to buying customers.

Alternatively, there are companies that use shipping containers to offer personal storage for individuals.

Shipping Container Homes Are From The Tiny Home Movement

Yes, that’s right. Shipping containers can be transformed into tiny homes or cottage homes, sometimes solar-powered and used off-grid even.

There are some truly unique home designs for repurposing used 40 ft shipping containers, redoing the architecture and ultimately using the container structure as a basis in which to build a custom home with all the amenities you might expect to find at someone’s residence.

In various cities across Canada and the US, shipping containers are also being argued or used in designated social programs as a means of housing the homeless population or to provide affordable housing to at-risk individuals.

Shipping Containers Repurposed As Art, Markets, & Commercial Businesses

So long as you have the land, if there isn’t already a building on it, a shipping container is an affordable way to create a business address from very little.

Across our continent and all over the world, shipping containers are bought and converted into an endless array of commercial business locations, including grocery stores, art installations, markets for food, small business offices, and more.

Shipping containers are also sometimes used for bathroom and washroom facilities, such as in parks or remote work areas.

Shipping Containers To Transport A Car Across Long Distances

Car shipping containers are offered by some companies as a safe, sturdy way to move vehicles.

Most vehicles that get moved across long distances use roll-on roll-off transport. But moving overseas or even between cities, a shipping container is a cost-effective way to clear out a vehicle and other personal effects, secured and protected over an entire trip.

There are similarly large and bulky products that individuals and organizations go to new 20 foot shipping containers for because they are really the standard for custom, versatile, and easily-secured shipping.

Shipping Containers Used For Transportation

Shipping Containers Used For Transportation

Shipping Containers As Mobile Buildings For Healthcare & Shelter

As they are already meant to be mobile, shipping containers are a cost-efficient way to set up shelter quickly.

In the past, shipping containers’ simple, sturdy design has lent itself well to medical settings, creating makeshift hospitals and healthcare facilities. An example is, during the pandemic, shipping containers were turned intoportable ICUs and operating rooms in Hamilton, Ontario.

They also can work this way for medical staff in war zones and parts of the world where there isn’t a hospital available.

Types Of Shipping Containers You Can Buy

Shipping containers can be divided up into many different types, including most prominently by size and type.

A small shipping container would be considered something along the lines of 20 feet in length but they also go up as high as 40 feet in length. There are also different storage container heights, extending up to 40 feet high. You have waterproof containers, airtight containers, and refrigerated containers which all serve a different purpose depending on what’s being moved and/or stored.

They can also be divided up by use, such as one-trip shipping containers which are brand new, cargo-ready shipping containers that are pre-used but are still otherwise in perfect condition, and as-is which means there may be some damage but they are the cheapest shipping containers available.

What You Can Use A Shipping Container For Is An Endless List

Why people buy shipping containers are for all sorts of reasons. They are so easy to purpose and come with all the structure you need to ensure what you put inside is going to be safe and protected.

Buy High-Quality Shipping Containers For All Uses From IronClad Containers

IronClad Containers offer shipping containers to clients all over the world, ensuring their goods and products can be transported safely and securely. In a sealed, locked shipping container, rest assured that your inventory is protected every meter of its journey. We have had containers used for all sorts of jobs and by many different companies and organizations. Are you looking to buy and/or rent a shipping container – reach out!


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