9 Signs You Need A New Shipping Container

Should You Rent Or Buy A Shipping Container Expert Advice
Should You Rent Or Buy A Shipping Container?
August 14, 2023
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Are Shipping Container Homes Cost-Effective?
November 6, 2023
Should You Rent Or Buy A Shipping Container Expert Advice
Should You Rent Or Buy A Shipping Container?
August 14, 2023
Are Shipping Container Homes Cost-Effective
Are Shipping Container Homes Cost-Effective?
November 6, 2023
Do I Need A New Shipping Container? Signs You Do

Do I Need A New Shipping Container?

High-quality, premium-grade shipping containers, unfortunately, do not last forever. Eventually, they need to be replaced, and knowing when you need a new shipping container can help you minimize the risk to the contents you keep inside.

As experts in renting and buying shipping containers, Ironclad Containers is proud to offer durable, trustworthy services to all of our clients, helping them find the best container for their needs and budget. When you need to buy a new shipping container and/or are starting to see the signs, give us a call!

Here are a few of the signs that you may need a new shipping container, diving into everything from container lifespan to ways in which damage affects performance.

If Your Shipping Container Is Old

A shipping container, at best, will last roughly 20-25 years before it needs to be sold and recycled.

If you’re continuing to use an older shipping container past that point or when there are signs of visible damage, strongly consider discarding it and replacing it with a new container.

Depending on the size, quality, and features you want, new shipping containers are not expensive and are the right investment to make in order to confirm that what you store in them is protected against climate, elements, and impact.

The Container Is No Longer Properly Sealed

Depending on what you are storing in a container, most shipping container users require a watertight seal.

When there is not a watertight seal, what you get is moisture coming in, rust forms, mold can form, too on items if they’re in long-term storage, and, of course, exposure to temperatures and weather conditions from the outside.

A shipping container that does not seal can be valueless to a lot of clients. This is why buying a new container makes the most sense, sometimes.

The Container Door Is Broken

A damaged shipping container door is common and when it happens, it compromises the protection of any assets inside.

Over time, there’s wear and tear on a shipping container. Because the door is comprised of several parts, it is the part of the container most vulnerable to damage. From the steel body to the locks, lock rods, hinges, and rubber gaskets, any of these pieces can sustain damage.

If the door does not seal properly, this is a sure sign that it’s time to buy a new shipping container.

Need A New Shipping Container Broken Door

There Are Cracks In Your Container

Fractures and cracks are breaks in the container surface. Tears can also occur when two sides of a container wall are pulled apart.

When cracks appear in a shipping container, it no longer guarantees that what’s inside is going to be kept safe and protected from the environment around it.

No matter what you’re using a shipping container for, chances are cracks and fractures, and tears, are unacceptable.

Your Shipping Container Has Holes

Sometimes things progress beyond a fracture or crack and become a hole. A sharp object or sharp impact can penetrate the container wall and cause a hole. This type of perforation requires an immediate container replacement.

Holes in a shipping container can occur on the walls, floors, or ceiling, letting in moisture and dust.

In some cases, you may be able to patch the hole but this is really only a temporary solution until a new shipping container can be secured.

Dents In The Container Walls

Dents happen. Eventually, a shipping container sustains an impact and a depression in the container wall occurs.

This often happens due to poor handling of the container by forklifts or an accidental collision with another container.

A minor dent does not need to be fixed per se. A major dent can be hammered out from the inside in some cases. No matter what, the appearance of your shipping container is affected and, at a certain point, it’s simply easier to purchase a new container than continue with what’s dented and damaged.

Bulges From The Inside Out

Just like dents can occur, bulges happen, too. A bulge is caused by an impact inside the shipping container. It may also occur due to weight or pressure against the side wall.

Typically, what you end up with is a fairly smooth depression protruding outward or inward on the container wall.

Bulges are a major problem, particularly in shipping container transportation. Packing a bulging container can be difficult depending on the size of the bulge and it can compromise the integrity of the wall, requiring replacement.

Scratches Across Your Container

The forks of a heavy-duty forklift. An item inside the shipping container. An impact or collision. Any sharp object can cause a scratch.

As a sharp corner or edge hits and drags across the surface of a shipping container, it cuts deep into the paint. This does not compromise the structure of the container but is unsightly and leaves your shipping container more prone to moisture.

A scratch can be covered, however, in the long run, eventually, most want a new shipping container.

Need A New Shipping Container Due To Scratches

Your Simply Out Of Space

It may not always be because a shipping container is worn out, irreparably damaged, or because it’s old that a new shipping container is needed.

You might just need the extra space that a container brings with it. The extra storage is a popular reason to buy a new shipping container. From inventory to construction equipment, office furniture, and more, companies can rely on these containers for quality storage.

The only question at that point is whether to buy or rent a shipping container.

Buy New Shipping Containers From Ironclad Containers To Replace Yours

Don’t let signs of wear-and-tear go unchecked. When you can’t fix them, there’s only one thing to do.

Even with proper maintenance, as a shipping container wears down, a replacement will eventually be needed and when you need us, we’re there! When you know it’s time, call the leaders in premium shipping containers, Ironclad Containers.

Ironclad Containers can set you up with a shipping container of the right size and features to ensure you have exactly what you need.

If you have already bought a shipping container in the past, we know that you know what to look for before buying a shipping container and have some experience with what you like or don’t like about them.

See what Ironclad Containers have to offer today and replace what you have with long-lasting, well-built containers strong and reliable!

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