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It is no doubt that shipping containers are all the rage in Ontario, Canada. Both new and used shipping containers actually have many more versatile uses than simply shipping goods overseas. The modern shipping container will go down in history as one of the most widely used pieces of equipment ever. From homes to underground bunkers, these storage containers can do it all. We have prepared an interesting read that outlines some of the less common uses that used shipping containers have in Ontario and all over the world. Get ready to be amazed.

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In-ground or Ground Pools

As our climate heats up, many people have turned to use used shipping containers as backyard swimming pools. They make an excellent alternative to costly cement pools and can simply be popped in the ground or left above. With no more machinery than an excavator and a crew of men, you can dig, install, and connect the plumbing to create an in-ground pool in less than a week. This isn’t a bad idea when you consider the significant savings compared to a traditional custom-built in-ground pool.

Storage options

With a used shipping container is sitting on your property, you will have numerous options of usage at your disposal. One of those options is ditching the shed, and using this Shipping Container as outdoor storage. Its durability and thickness of the steel walls will provide much more protection than a flimsy aluminum or plastic shed ever could. Also, in the event of a natural disaster like a flood, or high winds, your shipping container is much more likely to stay put than a lightweight shed.

Mobile Storefront

Hook your shipping container up to a trailer and you could have a mobile storefront on your hands. With the rising costs of commercial property in the province, this is a great alternative. You can decide on using this new mobile storefront as a restaurant, concession stand, fruit stall, or any other idea you can think of. The ability to have a portable storefront that can travel directly to your customers makes a used shipping container more of an asset than a liability.

Great Mobility

When using a shipping container as a storage container, you will have great mobility. The container can easily be picked up and loaded onto a truck with the proper machinery. This means that you no longer have to worry about renting large moving trucks when it’s time to move. Simply load everything in the shipping container and transport it to the new location.

Urban Farming

Certain crops can even be grown indoors under special lights and ventilation systems. Some companies have discovered profitable ways of growing green veggies in container farms. Companies like freight farms actually sell turnkey container farms to customers everywhere. If you are looking to get your small, sustainable farm up and running in the city, a container farm could be your best option. This is essentially a game changer for provinces like Ontario looking for additional space to grow food in close proximity to a growing population.

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