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When you set out to build a home out of a used 20’ shipping containers, things may seem simple. Used Shipping Container are pretty abundant and inexpensive, so why not give it a go? Unfortunately, as you already know things are always easier said than done. If you follow these tips as best as you can you will be one step closer to finishing your dream shipping container home.

1. Know Your Building Code Restrictions

This seems like an obvious step, however, many people overlook this. Before you invest a few thousand dollars of your hard-earned cash, get the proper permits. Make sure that you have permission from your local Ontario Municipality, or state government to actually build where you want and when you want to.

2. Make Sure You Have a Plan for Insulating

It can get quite cold in Ontario during the winter. Make sure you have a solid plan for insulation before you buy. You wouldn’t want to be stuck for weeks trying to come up with a plan to insulate your new home or weekend getaway. A little forethought will save you weeks, maybe months of frustration.

3. Find a Complete Contractor

You might need to search for someone to do the more difficult jobs like cutting into your container or placing it in your desired spot. If necessary, try to find a contractor that can do all the tasks you require. It will save you money and time if you find a comprehensive contractor with the skills to do more than just one task. The search may be tiresome, but well worth it in the end.

4. Protect Against Harmful Chemicals

Chemicals are a real thing. Shipping containers were designed for a specific purpose. During their long years a sea, they must be treated with many chemicals to prevent rust, rats, and weathering. The wood floors in your container have been treated with pesticides to deter rats. The paint has been treated to protect it from long exposure to saltwater. Do your research to discover what you need to do to protect yourself from these chemicals.

5. Avoid Cutting Your Containers into Pieces

Shipping containers are very strong pieces of steel. Those four walls were designed to be stacked underneath massive amounts of weight. When you begin to cut your used 20’ shipping container to pieces it will lose some of its structural integrity. If you decide you want two stories, doors, and windows, you will most likely need steel reinforcement to protect the internal structure. Just keep this in mind. The more you cut, the more structural integrity you lose.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be well on your way to a modern, sleek, shipping container home in Ontario Canada. We can’t wait to see your finished project. Once you finish building your home, send us a picture. We would love to see what you have built!

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