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May 17, 2018
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October 9, 2018
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Every client is inclined to receive excellent customer service as well as great products at unbeatable prices. An assortment of shipping and sea containers is available on the market for you to choose from, but where do you begin your search?! This article is all about providing you with the latest information on all shipping containers, so you become fully informed on your next Renting, Purchasing or Financing in the alternative.

Selecting the container that you really need is not an easy decision. First, figure out the main purpose whether you will be renting, purchasing, leasing or financing a shipping unit.

“RENT” The reasons for renting can be endless, whether it is to store heavy machinery or construction equipment, load the container with household items during your move or just store other personal belongings in a damage-free, safe and leak-free environment. Many companies that offer this incredible service will always give you an option of how long your rental period can last. Renting instead of purchasing might be the best option if you are planning on storing/moving your items for a specific period(s) of time and are not thinking of having your container long-term.

Knowing that some customers may only need to rent a shipping unit for a shorter period of time (for example, while waiting on their move to another property or storing some items before selling them etc.) we offer rentals with a minimum of one (1) month rental period.  This is great for those customers that do not need the Container afterward and are looking to save few bucks in the process.

At Ironclad Containers we take care of all of our customer’s needs, which is why we pride ourselves in providing leak-free, damage-free shipping containers for rent. This can be the deciding point to some prospective clients, as storing foodstuffs, clothing, furniture or other delicate items requires a clean, dry, and well-maintained environment.

We also offer competitive pricing on all of our rental units and will deliver your desired container right to your door while eliminating the need to place your container elsewhere with the need for constant traveling to reach your storage space.

Find out more about our rental opportunities that were designed with you in mind at:

“BUY” A fabulous opportunity to own a shipping container is by purchasing it. If you are looking at the containers for sale in Ontario, you have probably decided to utilize it for a grand purpose or for extended periods of time. This can become your smartest investment as you may use the shipping container for practically anything and not only storage.

Ironclad Containers provides its’ customers with a vast selection of shipping containers available for purchase today. We carry an assortment of used and new shipping containers that will match your budget, size and colour selection. Our attractive pricing grid will also pleasantly surprise you giving you a variety of choices to help you make your decision accurately. Our prices match the great shape of our containers, without any kind of structural damages, leaks or holes, you are sure to receive one of the best products available on the market today. The most important thing to watch out for when you make a decision on such a purchase is its quality. Just like with any other product, finding a shipping container that does not meet your quality requirements is simple.

At Ironclad Containers we realize that customer satisfaction is our priority and we strive to deliver the best results in a short period of time. We will guide you every step of the way during your purchase of a shipping container. We will accommodate you on your special requests and will make the delivery process as smooth as possible; all you have to do is direct our delivery truck to the spot where you need the container to be dropped off.

“LEASE/FINANCE” Not sure whether renting, purchasing or financing the container is the right choice? We can help you decide. If you are tight on a budget and would like to stretch out the total price by breaking it down into monthly payments, leasing or financing your shipping equipment is another choice you are offered to make. Many finance companies provide rates at certain conditions and refusals of applications are not that uncommon. Carefully select your dealer company and inquire about their financing/leasing opportunities within, by confirming their prices, interest rates, and conditions for approval.

Ironclad Containers partners with Questor Financial Corporation to offer our customers the easiest way to obtain your shipping container in a fixed amount of time and yes, much less headache during the approval process. Together with the leading interest rates and an array of payment options, we are ready to deliver the top results that make our customers happy.

Always do your homework before placing an order and do not be afraid to ask for confirmation on pricing, quality of the containers, and the logistics, after all, it is your big storage container that has to be up to your standards and function properly without breaking your bank.

Once you face a major decision about which shipping container to buy and what company to go with to ensure excellent customer service, superior products, and secure payment options, Ironclad Containers is ready to offer you a totally stress-free shopping experience. Our team of highly trained and experienced agents will attend to answer all of the questions you might have whether it is for renting of our equipment, buying shipping containers within Ontario or financing it to fit your personal needs and perhaps other circumstances. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction in everything that we offer, so start shopping today!

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