Shipping Containers In Barrie

Shipping Containers Barrie

Welcome to Ironclad Shipping Containers.

Want to buy or hire a shipping container in Barrie? Then you’ve come to the right place

We’ve been, selling and renting/leasing 10-foot, 20-foot and 40-foot new and used shipping containers to greater Barrie for over 10 years now. Now we can see the Used Shipping Containers in all parts of our country for all types of purposes and industries such as storage, construction, farming, automotive and transportation. The New Shipping Containers are also used for the purposes of building affordable housing and commercial projects such as container offices, mobile workshops, vendor kiosks, etc.

We always try to encourage our clients to pursue the acquisition of the Used Storage Containers as to recycle and re-purpose them from their direct shipping functions as all of us need to consider our environmental impact and carbon footprint. Even though the New Storage Containers can serve a better purpose for housing and building projects, the Used Shipping Containers can still be refurbished for the same construction project since they are made from Cor-Ten Steel (The basis material for the Shipping Containers).

If you are ever in need of extra Storage or have an exciting new project in mind you can easily find Ironclad Used Containers for sale in Barrie. Wherever you live in Barrie, we can deliver a shipping container to your property or worksite.

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