Used Shipping Container 20′ x 8′ x 8’6″
June 17, 2022
New 40' Shipping Containers-open doors
New Open-Side 40′ High Cube Shipping Container
April 20, 2023
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New Open-Side 20′ Shipping Container


8′-0″ Wide x 20′-0″ Long x 8′-6″ High

7′-8″ Wide x 19′-4″ Long x 7′-10″ High

1300 Cubic Feet

Enough to fit:
3 bedroom home with no appliances

The 2 Swing Doors open the whole side

Open-Side 20′ Shipping Container – a revolutionary storage solution that’s built to last! This industrial-strength container offers massive capacity, measuring 8 ft wide x 20 ft long x 8.6 ft high, with interior dimensions of 7’8″ x 19’4″x 7’10”. That’s enough room to fit a 3-bedroom home with no appliances – up to 1300 cubic feet of space!

What makes the Open-Side 20′ Shipping Container so unique is its innovative side-opening feature. Both swing doors open easily and completely, giving you effortless access to your stored items without ever having to climb onto the roof or unload materials from an overhead door. In addition, its robust steel construction is designed to weather stormy seas and fierce winds – perfect for both land and marine transportation.

Whether you need a mobile storage unit or reliable shipping solution, this dependable container is an ideal choice for any business or individual that requires sea cans for their needs. With unbeatable protection and limitless convenience at your fingertips, you can be sure your goods will reach their destination safely and securely. Don’t delay – get your own Open-Side 20′ Shipping Container today!

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